Urban Scrawl: street art around the world -in pictures

Photographer and street art lover Lou Chamberlin has travelled across the globe in search of the worlds most intriguing street art. Urban Scrawl documents some of the worlds most interesting street art words and typography

Unknown collaboration
Ghent, Belgium, 2018

Yellow Earth by Matthew Wong
Perth, Australia, 2017

Is the Answer Love by D*Face
Miami, US, 2017

Obsolescence by Will Coles
Melbourne, Australia, 2014

Unknown artist
Toronto, Canada, 2018

Normal by Loui Jover
Melbourne, Australia, 2018

This Too Shall Pass by Norm Kirby
Jersey City, US, 2018

Please Mind Your Head by Morgan
Dublin, Ireland, 2015

Get Rich or Try Sharing by Mau Mau
London, UK, 2015

Hustle Harder by Andrea von Bujdoss
New York, US, 2018

Colin Holt
Darwin, Australia, 2008

Hustle Harder by Andrea von Bujdoss, New York, US, 2018. Photograph: Lou Chamberlin/Urban Scrawl



Urban Scrawl: street art around the world – in pictures


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