There is all kinds of content around us every day, 24/7! As a user of the internet you are also the generator of most of the revenue on the internet off which publishing companies profiting from that revenue. HoneyBadger wants to make a difference by acknowledging the value of the viewer and shares revenue with the ones generating value; the creator and the viewer!

The HoneyBadger Platform 
xHoneyBadger.com is the first platform that pays you to view all kinds of content! Every thing you view earns you HoneyBadgers $XHB, a token on Bitcoin (SV). This token can be redeemed for a share in the ad-revenue generated on HoneyBadger or used to buy Amazon gift cards and other products in the HoneyBagdershop.

The $XHB token
Currently, we are reviewing all token solutions (publicly) available for Bitcoin (SV) and have yet to settle on the best one for the HoneyBadger Platform.


Sign up with just an email address and join our affiliate program. After signing up you will receive a personal referral link to spread around. You can earn XHB by viewing video’s, reading articles or listening to music. Additionally, you can participate in our affiliate program and earn more XHB!


Each ad-sale is converted to BSV and placed on an address publicly known. At the end of each month, you can use your XHB to claim your share in that revenue.

Every XHB represents 1 share and the total shares of a month are the total amount of XHB given out that month. You can save up XHB or claim ad-revenue every month.


Use your HoneyBadgers (XHB) to buy amazon.com gift cards or other products in our shop!

You can use the gift card to buy anything you like on Amazon.com This way, XHB has value apart from the share value, which is (mostly) dictated by that months ad revenue. The redeem value is set by xHoneyBadger.com

The current redeem value for 1 XHB is $0.01 (in amazon.com gift cards with a $25,- minimum limit). The share value can fluctuate and is up to the ones making the trade.

How to become a HoneyBadger Content Creator

Have you just started creating content or are you making content for fun? And would you like to publish your content? That’s possible on HoneyBadger! Send your content to publishing@xhoneybadger.com, after approval your content will be published and you can start earning $XHB!

Are you a professional content creator? Do you already monetise your content?
Do you want to create more revenue and share that with your viewers/fans?
You can become a professional HoneyBadger Content Creator! Just send an email with your latest content to publishing@xhoneybadger.com, after approval your account will automatically linked to your content.

Choose how you want your content to be published below:


Revenue of this month can be tracked on the following address:


Once a month, you’ll be able to claim your shares of that months revenue.