Chinese AI will develop Chinese artificial consciousness

If the experts are to be believed, AI will develop its own consciousness. A closer look suggests they got it backwards – human consciousness will be embedded in AI. What kind of consciousness will Chinese AI reveal?

Philosophers have traditionally debated consciousness along two lines: Plato, Descartes, and modern neuroscience claim that the brain produces consciousness and that it is the result of biological evolution. On the other hand, Indian philosophy, as well as Aristotle and some of those working in quantum physics, argue that consciousness is intrinsic to the universe and that it preceded life.

The closest Chinese equivalent to the Western word consciousness is xin, literally “heart-mind.” The proverbial heart distinguishes humans from other forms of biological life. In the Chinese view, xin does not develop naturally but must be cultivated. Xin is rooted in Confucianism, which means it has an ethical connotation. A closer look at xin may shed light on how the Chinese will develop AI, and whether it leads to artificial consciousness.


Chinese AI will develop Chinese artificial consciousness


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