BAIT Teases ‘ Rick and Morty’ Be@rbrick Collectable Figures.

Sneaker and streetwear boutique BAIT has linked up with Rick and Morty and Medicom to create a set of four collectable Be@rbrick replicas of the beloved TV twosome.

The figures feature Rick and Morty dressed in their iconic garms with facial expressions fans of the show have come to expect — fear and intoxication. Each toy features BAIT branding on the trouser hem.

The first of the two sets arrives in miniature size (marked at 100 percent), and the second is four times larger. The figures will arrive at BAIT’s online store on November 3, retailing for $35 and $120 respectively.



BAIT Teases ‘Rick and Morty’ Be@rbrick Collectable Figures


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